Jeremy Geffen, the man behind current hip hop legends is a South African by origin; he graduated in Business Administration from the University of California. While studying in the university he developed artistic abilities and initially started playing violin in the final years. Soon this desire transformed into a passion and gradually he became the president of the Geffen Management Group and also the director of Carnegie hall. Some of the great hip hop bands like D12 and Mel B have been managed by Jeremy Geffen. He is the right man for this job as he possesses all the expertise as well as the experience in various facets of the music and entertainment industry.

Jeremy Geffen has been working as a talent manger for quite some time now, the passion that he has for music is evident by the number of successful Jeremy Geffen music artists that have made their name in the whole world. He has a unique ability of sensing the talent and then making it come to the lime light in a matter of no time. This is the reason you will find his name behind so many prominent musicians and bands in the hip hop world. He has the ability to pick on raw talent and make a top notch musicians out of bar room performers. He has successfully taken people from their underground existence at YouTube and has given them the gig of their lifetime.

There are thousands of artists that remain un-detected by the big screen radar, only Jeremy Geffen has what it takes to give you wings so that you can appear in the big screen radar. People who want to contact him can approach him be means of some social media websites like facebook; twitter or they can email him to take an appointment.